Journey through the book of John together as a family with age aligned content for adults, youth, and kids. Follow along as leadership from the AG leads us into the Word of God every week. Click the links below to catch up from the beginning.

This Week's Devotion

Family Devotional Week 3: Jesus and His Friends

Today’s Reading: John 1:40-46

Today’s Big Points

A Disciple is a learner:

  1. Follow and imitate

  2. Listen and learn

  3. Participate while under direction

How did he build His community?

  1. Preaching

  2. Disciples inviting friends

  3. Personally

Questions to Ponder

For adults:

  • How did you come to know Him?

  • Now that you know Him how has being His disciple changed you?

  • How has He used you to gather other disciples?

For kids:

  • How is Jesus different than your other friends?

  • Why did Andrew and Philip tell others about their new friend Jesus?

  • Do you have any friends that need to know about Jesus?

For teenagers:

  • What is one way that friendship with Jesus has changed who you are?

  • Why did Andrew and Philip tell others about their new friend Jesus?

  • What are some different ways that you can introduce Jesus to your friends?


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