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AG Devotions through book of John - webs

Journey through the book of John together as a family with age aligned content for adults, youth, and kids. Follow along as leadership from the AG leads us into the Word of God every week. Click the links below to catch up from the beginning.

This Week's Devotion

Family Devotional Week 8: Jesus and the Rules

Today’s Reading: John 4:4-14


Today’s Big Points

1. Living Water
2. The Person
3. The Problem
4. Prophesied


In this story, we find Jesus in a surprising conversation with a Samaritan woman. It’s surprising because Jesus was a Jew and this woman was a Samaritan. The Jewish people and the Samaritans shared an ugly history of racism, hate, and violence toward each other. A Jewish person would never approach a Samaritan, especially a woman, looking for help or a conversation. But Jesus loves the lost. Jesus reached out to this woman. Jesus loves all people regardless of gender, race, who they are, or what they’ve done! He enjoys surprising us with his love.

The woman’s response to Jesus reveals her confusion: “Why are you talking to me? And why are you asking me to do something for you?” Jesus continues to surprise her by talking about a water that will satisfy her thirst forever. She is talking about natural water, but Jesus is talking about supernatural water—living water. Jesus is the living water! The water Jesus gives us can’t be compared to anything else. The truth is, nothing can fill us up and quench our thirst like His water!

(Consider having a bottle of water with you.) When I am thirsty, I drink water and it quenches my thirst. You and I need water to live. Water gives us strength and satisfaction. But there is a problem—we always get thirsty again. Jesus came to satisfy the thirst of our souls once and for all. We are “thirsty” for meaning and purpose. We are “thirsty” for acceptance and love. And we need someone greater than an Old Testament hero like Jacob to satisfy our dry souls. Jacob was an example of what to do and what not to do. But Jesus wasn’t just our example, he was our substitute. He lived the life you should have lived and died the death you should have died so that your soul can find salvation and satisfaction in a relationship with God. Jesus is the living water that gives us eternal life!

Questions to Ponder

For adults:

  • What are the differences between an Old Testament hero like Jacob and Jesus?

  • What things do you tend to turn to for satisfaction instead of Christ? For your Children:*

  • Why was it surprising that Jesus talked with this woman?*

  • Who is the living water?

  • How does Jesus, the living water, satisfy our souls?

For teenagers:

  • What is your favorite drink? What is your least favorite drink?

  • What does it mean that Jesus is the living water?

  • What are some ways that people try to satisfy the thirst in their souls?

  • What did Jesus do and how does that give us eternal life?


God, Thank you for sending Jesus, the living water, to satisfy my thirsty soul. Forgive me when I turn to other things or other people to find that satisfaction. Help me to see and believe that only you can truly satisfy. I want to know Jesus and experience his goodness. I believe that he is everything that my heart and soul are searching for. Thank you that your Spirit will help me know and experience this. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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