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Our History

While we look to the future and the work the Lord has for us we remember our past and the steps the Lord has walked with us. Pastors Brad and Pam Fussell left an incredible legacy of love that we will never forget. We honor their wisdom shared here.

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Pastors Brad and Pam Fussell

11/1/2000 - 11/1/2020

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COVID brought a lot of changes, most importantly our Sunday Services were now streamed. Watch Pastor Brad and Pam preach the word during Sunday morning service.

COVID brought another change...the start of our video devotions. Pastor Brad started a fun series on Fridays to help people smile. Who remembers the toilet paper?

brad fussell toilet paper.png

Pastor Pam created a series searching the Bible to answer your questions on Heaven. This multipart series has lots of notes so make sure you have pen and paper ready.

Pastor Pam created this 6 part series asking the age old question, "why do bad things happen?" 

why do bad things happen pam fussell.png

Pastor Pam's Monday morning devotion series includes her series on Heaven and Why Do Bad Things Happen as well as many other fabulous devotions.

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